Wednesday, March 21, 2007

scrap - 1 on CAT

Verbal : Sound knowledge ( or lots of luck on the D Day !!) on english grammar / sentence structure. This comes thru voracious reading thru years. With CAT 07, 8 months away I would strongly advocate lots and lots of reading on topics slightly abstract in nature. Hindu sunday edition pull outs can be starter. Focus on sentence structure. Do not waste time on mugging vocab. absolute waste of time instead Read and Read .
Quant & Di : do not waste time on memorising tables. The focus is not on speed but on knowledge and accuracy. For this collect a good lot of Mock cat papers of TIME / IMS etc divide it in to sections depending on topics such as Numbers / Time & speed / geometry you will get this from the index of any CAT prep book. Focus on one topic and work out all the sums in that topic from all papers. Do not time yourself but learn how to solve the problems. Normally the institutes also hand over the solutions so you can learn the way to solve the problems. Work out a time table to complete this by August. Every day spend some time after working out to reflect on what you have learnt.
Overall : You have to be passionate about CAT .


Forture Favours the Bold
- Alexander the Great
Fear drives ppl to Victory
- Alexander the Great
A dream is not a thing which you see when you are asleep,
it is a thing which does not let you sleep
-Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Operation IIMA - 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007


God’s Blessing is still with me! got a call for SCMHRD too……
It is 4.30 PM now, one hour earlier than my actual schedule, Saidapet Abdul Razaak building. That was the first time for me to see that storey. Old but had few AC rooms!
Is this the place for SCMHRD GD and PI? Queried to a good looking girl.
Yes came the reply. Before initiating my next question a bugger interrupted as showed me a room – it’s a conference hall with SCMHRD ppts! Oops again the same stuff!
Waited for n hour the was the case study

Case 1:::::: There were two cartoons

A: one executive talking to the other – I am 50% efficient on Mondays, 40% Tuesdays,………. 5 % on Friday - both are ladies – nothing extra
B: one meeting scenario – “we have planned well so we were ahead of schedule but due to lethargy we are lagging much so we need to plan again to catch the schedule”

I donno what has toe be done as the prep time pf 5 mins is over. One guy started I seconded him and explained both the scenarios – thought my thought was unique but every one got the same stuff what I had in my mind. I suggested B to be discussed. After another chat we discussed only B
Spoke about planning, leader ship issue, effective communication, customer behavior etc
I was able to give better group interaction too – think scope well too
RATING – 8/10

Case 2 ::::: one guy who is good at hearts, behavior, business and profit wanna expand his business in a new industry – should he or not that’s the topic.

I started this time. Explained the topic but faired well. A next to me stressed some points are wrong! In all my GD I have never faced such a thing but managed to prove those are right. And the team too said the same thing! I concluded at last – it was a fair one – my group behavior was good – buy ppl complained I spoke too much – what to do no one was speaking so I kept the ball rolling – lets see the result.
RATING - 8/10
It’s the guys who made me to think on the bad track – I felt I have done the job well but one said I steeled the show – I was bid relaxed and was bid tensed –
Hitherto I have never missed any GD in my life – Admission is not important but I wanna win.
With this hope I was looking Ramya for her arrival with a positive result………………
she came smiling at me -
"Ramesh u r short listed - u wanna cum here tomorrow at 8.30 Am with this slip "
"life is a lesson the one who learns and recollect the learning can hope for a good future"
the learning from SIBM wanna me to perform well in this
its only the PI - my confidence level was high than SIBM
there were Ex service men in my pannel, again ques on ARMY, Nation and my self
its was a good one! they even appreciated my answers
after 15 mins conversation they said "thanks ramesh hope to see u at SCMHRD"
it added my hope! Ramya smiled at me wanna say something - think i have got high marks in interview among all the guys present on that day
Feb 25 substantiated tis - i was in Infy gym checking my results
hurray! i got admit to SCMHRD too !


Monday, February 05, 2007

A day at SIBM

The Entrance results are out!
Fortunately I have got a call from SIBM. Happy! At least I am getting an opportunity to attend a GD and PI. I donno how far this gonna click! But everything is a part of learning curve in the life, hopefully not a decreasing curve !!!
The journey to pune was a hectic task probably ll in another blog! But the selection process was indeed good rather different.
Jan 30 2007, 8.20 Am, many luxury car were parked on one side of a senapati bapat road and ppl assembled pointing to one building !!! symbiosis viswan bhavan next to sibm campus!
After saying goodbye! To my friend who came to drop me I aligned myself in that already formed queue!
“Is this the line for SIBM gd and pi call” asked to the person standing in the front
“I too hope so but didn’t ask to anyone” came the reply
Just smiled at him with thanks!
There were some 2/3 ppl to check the certificates and call latter. After a successful check up!
"Sir you can go to in room no 4, first floor" said the admission coordinator
thought i alone would be there might be PI ?? happy that all the candidates were asked to assemble in the same room.
Group Buddy Rahul Poddar introduced himself to me and asked the Xerox copy of my certificates! As usual I said Rahul ! I need to take Xerox ! With a smile he took my originals to do the needful!
There were 10+ first year students to coordinate the selection process. After that there was a short meeting and a presentation about SIBM. Then we were asked to assemble in a room on the second floor.
An ice breaking session – just a chit chat. Suddenly an SIBMian came and called 3 ppl for interview. We continued our chat! We made a self intro followed by a briefing session by our group-buddy.
In next 1 hr PI for the whole group was done and we moved to GD. It’s a case study! Wow ...!!
->A honest driver leaving the MD at airport takes the car to his home without parking it in office or factory garage. The MD is on leave for the next 4 days. The next morning he takes car back to the office unfortunately stuck a girl. She dies. The court fine Rs 15 K to the driver. Now the Manager has to decide the driver’s future with the company <-
The was an utter chaos – 11 ppl shouting together some ppl voice remained unnoticed too. It all APGD – A Part of Group Discussion - its was a fair performance from my side even the moderators asked me to speak grabbing others chance.
the PI was simply and powerful. i knew the panel was filled with SIBM stalwart and felt it will be a good exp in my life. thank god it is. the first 5 mins went in browsing my appli form i was asnwering yes and no !
oh man this is interview, no one word ans - i stared giving sentence this is hectic
then strated the real pandora
Tell be the basic business model of CG - man i didnt expect such ques but managed to answer that well
question on different in pricing in online and in showrooms i answered inventory, transport, etc etc it was cool
wat is ur specialization in MBA - replied " i have not decided yet "
then there were 3 ques stating i am confused
then ques on INDIAN ARMY - my favourite area i blasted with ans
the interview was good
it gave me a sense of satisfaction
lets hope
Feb 19 came the result " thank God! i got the admit"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

TN Agriculture a Survey

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ilaya Thalapathy Movies

2007 Pokiri
Director - Prabudeva Heroine - Asin Music - Mani sharma Co-stars - Prakash raj, vadivelu
2006 Aathi
Director - Ramana Heroine - Trisha Music - Vidyasagar Co-stars - Prakash raj, sai kumar
2005 Sivakasi
Director - Perarasu Heroine - Asin Music - Srikanth deva Co-stars - Prakash raj, nayantara
2005 Sukran
Guest Appearance Director - SA Chandrasekar Cast - Ravi Krishna and Natasha Co-stars - Fesfi vijayan, sreeman Music - Vijay Antony
2005 Sachein
Director - John Mahendran Heroine - Genelia Music - devi sri prasad Co-stars - Bipasha Balu, Vadivlu
2005 Thirupaachi
Director - Perarasu Heroine - Trisha Music - Dhina, DSP and Mani sharma Co-stars - K Srinivas RAO, K Pasupathy
Madhurey Director - Madhesh Heroine - Rakshitha, Sonia Agarwal Music - Vidyasagar Co-stars - Tejashree, Vadivelu, Pasupathy
2004 Ghilli
Director - Dharani Heroine - Trisha Music - Vidyasagar Co-stars - Prakash Raj, Dhamu
2004 Udhaya
Director - Azhagam Perumal Heroine - Simran Music - AR Rehman Co-stars - Vivek, Nasar
2003 Thirumalai
Director - Ramana Heroine - Jothika Music - Vidyasagar Co-stars - Raguvaran, Manoj, K Jayan
2003 Pudhiya Geethai
Director - K.P.Jagan Heroine - Meera Jasmine, Amisha Patel Music - Yuvan Shanker Raja Co-stars - K mani, Karunaas, Sanjeev
2003 Vaseegara
Director - K Selvabharathi Heroine - Sneha Music - SA Rajkumar Co-stars - Vadivelu, Nasser
2002 Bagavathi
Director - Venkatesh Heroine - Rema sen Music - Deva Co-stars - Vadivelu, Ashish vidyarthi
2002 Youth
Director - Vincent selva Heroine - Sandhya Music - Manisharma Co-stars - Simran, vivek
2002 Thamizhan
Director - Majid Heroine - Priyanka Chopra Music - D.Imaan Co-stars - Revathi, Nasser, Vivek
2001 Shajahan
Director - Ravi Heroine - Richa Pallod Music - Mani sharma Co-stars - meena vivek, kovai sarala
2001 Badhri
Director - Arun Prasad Heroine - Bhoomika Music - Ramana Gokula Co-stars - Monal, vivek, Riyaz khan
2001 Friends
Director - Siddique Heroine - deviyani Music - Ilayaraja Co-stars - Surya, Vadivelu
2000 Priyamanavale Director - K Selvabharathi Heroine - Simran Music - SA Rajkumar Co-stars - SPB, vivek, Vaiyapuri
2000 Khushi
Director - SJ Surya Heroine - Jothika Music - Deva Co-stars - Vivek, Shilpa Shetty
2000 Kannukkul Nilavu
Director - Fazil Heroine - Shalini Music - ILayaraja Co-stars - Raguvaran, Srividhya
1999 Minsara Kanna
Director - KS Ravikumar Heroine - Monica Music - Deva Co-stars - Rambha, Kushboo
1999 Nenjinile
Director - SAC Heroine - Isha Gopikkar Music - Deva Co-stars - Manivannan, Sreeman
1999 Endrendrum Kadhal
Director - Manoj Bhatnagar Heroine - Rambha Music - Manoj Bhatnagar Co-stars - Bhanupriya, Nizhalgal Ravi
1999 Thulladha Manamum Thullum Director - Ezhil Heroine - Simran Music - SA Rajkumar Co-stars - Dhamu, Manivannan
1998 Nilaave vaa
Director - A Venkatesan Heroine - Suvalakshmi Music - Vidyasagar Co-stars - Sangavee, Raguvaran
1998 Priyamudan
Director - Vincent Selva Heroine - Kausalya Music - Deva Co-stars - Manivannan
1998 Ninaithen Vandhai
Director - K Selvabharathi Heroine - Rambha Music - Deva Co-stars - Deviyani, Manivannan
1997 Kadhaluky Mariyadhai
Director - Fazil Heroine - Shalini Music - ILayaraja Co-stars - Charlie, Dhamu, Sivakumar
1997 Nerrukku Ner
Director - Vasanth Heroine - Kausalya Music - Deva Co-stars - Simran, Surya
1997 Once More
Director - SAC Heroine - Simran Music - Deva Co-stars - Sivaji Ganesan, Saroja Devi
1997 Love Today
Director - Balasekaran Heroine - Suvalakshmi Music - Shiva Co-stars - Raguvaran, Karan...
1997 Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen
Director - R Sundarrajan Heroine - Dimple Music - Deva Co-stars - Sri Vidhya, Jai Shanker
1996 Selva
Director - A Venketesan Heroine - Swathy Music - Sirpy Co-stars - Reeva, Raguvaran
1996 Maanbumigu Maanavan
Director - SAC Heroine - Keerthana Music - Deva Co-stars - Srividhya
1996 Vasantha Vaasal
Director - M.R. Heroine - Swathi Music - Maasha Co-stars - Mansur ali Khan, Kovai sarla
1996 Poove Unakkaga'
Director - Vikraman Heroine - Sangeetha, Anju Arvind Music - SA Rajkumar Co-stars - Nagesh, Nambiar
1996 Coimbatore Maaple
Director - C Ranganathan Heroine - Sangavi Music - Vidyasagar Co-stars - Goundamani
1995 Chandralekha
Director - Nambi Rajan Heroine - Vanitha Vijaykumar Music - ILayaraja Co-stars - Sri vidhya, sarath babu
1995 Vishnu
Director - SAC Heroine - Sangavi Music - Deva Co-stars - Jai Shankar, Senthil
1995 Rajavin Parvaiyile
Director - Janaki Soundar Heroine - Indraja Music - ILayaraja Co-stars - Ajith Kumar, vadivvukarasi
1994 Deva
Director - SAC Heroine - Swathy Music - Deva Co-stars - Manorama, Sivakakumar
1994 Rasigan
Director - SAC Heroine - Sangavi Music - Deva Co-stars - Vijaykumar, Manorama
1993 Sendhoorapandi
Director - SAC Heroine - Yuvarani Music - Deva Co-stars - Vijaykanth, Manorama
1992 Naalaya Theerpu
Director - SAC Heroine - Keerthana and Vaijayanthi Music - Manimegalai Co-stars - Sri vidhya, Radha Ravi

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How to write an Essay

An essay given in the competitive exams is of problem-posing nature. It has four components, namely: conceptual, organizational, contextual and pragmatic.
Conceptual - clear understanding of the topic, the key words can be used.
Organizational - It implies the art of arranging the ideas in a systematic way
Contextual - This underlines the need and necessity of fixing the concept in situations to enable the concept of the essay.
Pragmatic - This outlines pragmatic solutions for the problems discussed
Checklist for self-editing an essay
This may contain Quotations, Anecdote.
The introduction should be concise and precise,
The introduction should focus the attention on the topic discussed.
The introduction should be in line with the discussion.
The body should be segmented into paragraphs.
Each Para should be well developed with specific information and should provide supporting details.
so, therefore, hence , but, however, still, yet, etc.
the conclusion should summarize the given ideas of the introduction and main body.

Civil Service Exam - planning should be more
Competitive exams - presentation of the essay should be good